Meet the Author

Bruce Blanton

Bruce BlantonAfter spending the summer of 1981 watching rejected semiconductor parts boil in cyanide as he sat in the basement of a refinery, Bruce Blanton thought a career change at Intel Corporation might be in order.

He somehow managed to persuade his superiors to transfer him into an area where his “people” skills would be better utilized, and shortly thereafter he ended up in a training group. 

Over the past 30 years, his quick wit, dry humor, and sometimes hard to believe personal experiences have proved to be an integral training tool in each and every class taught. 

Bruce has spent most of his time as the training manager for a manufacturing company in Arizona where he spent 80% of his time traveling the world, teaching classes, and interacting with people of all cultures. 

It is his ability to “re-paint” his travel experiences in the mind of his readers that make his work humorous and unforgettable.