All of us “Road Warriors” who travel the world have lived the stories in this book.  The difference is that Bruce Blanton sees those incidents in a different way and records them for posterity.  If you’ve “been there, done that”, you will laugh at the memory.  If not, you will be amazed and entertained at the funny, frustrating, and sometimes downright weird happenings on the road.  This book is a great way to experience the things which have happened to others, have a good laugh and to prepare yourself for the times they will happen to you.

Rod Schwartz, VP & Technical Director
Integrated Technology Corporation


Bruce Blanton has not only captured the essence of travel, but of life itself:  rarely predictable, sometimes frustrating, often humorous, but always heartfelt!  As a retired Air Force NCO, with many miles under my belt, this book elicits fond memories and reminds me of how different we all are.  What is commonplace for one is totally unexpected for another.  Whether you're an experienced traveler, or a homebody, this book will open your eyes to our world and leave you longing to experience it.

Robert Langerveld, Air Traffic Controller,
Chicago Center, IL


As a competing athlete and a sports equipment businessman, I have traveled the world and experienced similar travel stories to that of Bruce.  When traveling to different countries, we typically think that everyone else is foreign.  In fact, we are the ones who are foreign in their “standard” world.  Bruce brings a unique point of view, and humor, to that aspect of travel.  What is strange to us may just be commonplace depending upon where in the world you are visiting.  It is this “clash of cultures” and Bruce’s perspective that makes this book interesting reading for both the experienced and the novice traveler.

Jay Geist, VP Universal Gym Equipment, Inc.


This is just a sneak peak into the travel world of Bruce Blanton.  I have known and handled his travel arrangements for 7 years and counting…and it’s always been an ADVENTURE!  So for all you armchair travelers and for those of you that experienced travel first-hand, Bruce’s travel anecdotes are a must-read!

Saskia Jensen, Vacation Specialist
A World of Travel, Gilbert, Arizona